I.H. – ISORROPIA HOMEGALLERY- is a non-profit cultural organization, based in Milan.

I.H. deals with the promotion and dissemination of art, in all its forms, allowing the knowledge of the most contemporary phenomena, which manifest themselves through multidisciplinary methods.

The name “Isorropia (in Greek ισορροπία = balance) Homegallery” was used for the first time in 2017 to indicate the entity to which a series of exhibitions mainly held in a private house located in Milan, in Viale Beatrice D’Este.

The project was created by the founding members who, in 2016, after having previously organized two contemporary art exhibitions, involved architects (now honorary members) to conceive a multifunctional space: a private residence lived in on a daily basis by the owners which at the same time could host for short periods the works of Artists. A way to experience art, to share it with friends, acquaintances and even strangers. A domestic space where you can feel at ease, cultivate empathy, organize the sharing of time, emotions and ideas: a space of balance (isorropia). Starting from 2019, the first exhibitions were organized outside the homegallery, first in other private homes (in Pavia and Turin), then in commercial spaces, galleries, coworking spaces, public places, places of worship and also in museums.

The goals are pursued by adopting a design approach that includes all the phases of its realization:

– from the conception to the organization of events, exhibitions and initiatives, through the use of different artistic languages, without constraints or specific requirements, both formal (painting, sculpture, photography, video art, digital art …) and substantial (no censorship of the themes addressed by the Artists or the outcomes through which they manifest themselves).

– the promotion of Artists, mainly emerging and sought after in the panorama of younger generations, but with a focus also to those who have gained a consolidated experience, or to the enhancement of historicized Artists, but less known to the public.

– the technical and economic support of their projects, also resorting to collaboration with the Galleries that represent them (where present), and encouraging meetings with collectors and enthusiasts, through a mutual exchange of experiences.

– raising awareness of contemporary culture (which by definition is more fluid and has an ongoing phase of historicization) among a heterogeneous audience, adopting a mode of exhibition that is mainly based on the choice of unconventional spaces (homes, galleries, places of worship, public spaces) and in some cases in collaboration with more institutional locations.

I.H. also acts as a trait-d’union between artistic forms and entrepreneurial reality. If companies need to transmit their identity and values in a vision that is increasingly oriented to meet various kinds of needs (brand awareness, communication, marketing, innovation, business ethics, training of their employees), art is configured as the perfect vehicle capable of sealing, expressing and representing these instances.

A corporate art collection, the sponsorship of exhibitions, awards or cultural events, even in one’s own workspaces, allow one to achieve a benefit (evidenced by various sector studies) that produces its effects both from an internal perspective, aimed at affirming and strengthening the group’s identity, and in terms of external recognition and consequent positioning in the global market.


-1- I.H. does not engage in commercial buying and selling artworks, nor takes commissions on sales of artworks from the Artists or from their Galleries.

-2- All the activity provided by the members in favour of I.H. is free of charge. I.H. cannot pay its members for their activity carried out, not even by reimbursement of expenses.

-3- Every money transaction of I.H., incoming and outgoing, can only be made by bank transfer or credit card. I.H. is not allowed to use cash.

-4- Artists and Gallery are not allowed to become I.H. members. It is forbidden for I.H. to receive donations from Artists and Galleries.

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