Dina Goldstein is a Canadian photographer working with large-scale tableau, exploring elements of the human condition, through the lens of Pop Surrealism. Dina’s career began as a photojournalist, editorial and commercial photographer. She describes her early work as photo-anthropology, where she documented and exhibited portraits of Palestinians, Gamblers, Teenagers, Weightlifters, Wrestlers and various other subcultures. Dina was inspired by personal events when she created the highly conceptual ‘Fallen Princesses’. The series questions the “happily ever after” motif created by Disney and Western society. The project was a huge online success and continuously goes viral. She continued with a tradition of fine detailed productions with her second major body of work ‘In the Dollhouse’, a 10-part sequential narrative that takes place within a very pink adult sized Dollhouse belonging to Barbie and Ken. Dina released ‘Gods Of Suburbia’, her most complex photographic initiative. Dina participates in festivals and exhibits in commercial, public galleries and museums internationally.

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